The Halls of Time


A deep echo,
a loud noise
resounds within my soul.
It echoes down the corridors of Time,
reminding me of my origins.

In Time I fly,
trying to recreate
the echoes of the past.
The echoes that remind me
of whom I have been,
and who I might become.

The wind now howls
through the long forgotten corridors
of my mind.
A gestalt of thought and memory and sound,
hollow and barren.
What became of all those dreams?
All those creations
that might have been?
Where are they now?
Do I need them still?
And what if, once found,
they were created anew?
Would they survive the ravages of Time,
or die and wither in the lost halls
Of times gone by?

Only Time will tell,
and thought and mind reveal.
Those shadowy echoes
that live still
In the darkness
Waiting for the right moment
to reveal themselves.

That time is NOW
It is time to REMEMBER.
Surrender to the pull.
Surrender to the knowledge of Times past,
and acknowledge its wisdom.
For all now is possible,
and in their possibilities many will be manifest.
Surrender to it all

Books Flying Through Nature
Books Flying Through Nature

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