New Life-experiences for Humanity.

earthshipshobbitIn times gone by, mankind attempted to infuse his existence with the qualities of joy and pleasure, but in their enthusiasm, they quickly forgot the necessary ‘joys’ of working; of exercising the human body, of ‘life’ itself. Instead, their pursuit of joy became gluttony, avarice, and lust. Out of balance…in other words.

Now we are trying to bring a note of balance back to mankind’s ‘experiment’. He has learned that an over-abundance of pleasure leads to addiction and lack of self-worth. He ‘achieves’ nothing in his quest for ease and pleasure, and so has nothing to inspire him; nothing to fulfil him. He has nothing to feel proud about.

With the shift in awareness that is currently happening, they will re-install the values of ‘fulfilling,’ self-sustaining work. Working, not as isolated individuals slaving for the master corporations, but as Masters of their own destiny; working out of choice with other members of the human family. Doing this will give them a sense of pride and cooperation, much as the early pioneers felt when faced with a wilderness to tame.

However, in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past, man will have to learn how to stay within certain limits. The limits will be self-imposed and therefore will emerge out of the individual’s own desire for limitation, rather than it being imposed on them by outside individuals with their own self-serving interests. As far as we are concerned this will be a good development, if it can be achieved.

The Earth has reached a tipping point now, and changes must be made if mankind is to be able to continue here. It is time now to prepare your own life in this regard; time to create your own worth and positive self-regard, through doing the work you love to do. Once you have reached your destination, you will begin. Install the light codes there and wait for them to begin their work.

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