The Ember


An ember still burns where goodness lies.

Its glow illuminates all around it, penetrating the darkness

of minds closed to the light.

Its heat warms those whose lives come close to it,

but those whose hearts are hard and cold cannot feel its warmth, its life, its energy.

Only those whose hearts are open to the light can feel its love, its life, its warmth.

Only those whose lives are still enough to feel can experience the nurturing of its light, its warmth, its love.

To bring this glowing ember of light to the hearts of those who can accept it becomes the overriding desire of those who can carry it.

To lift the hearts of men to new heights requires sacrifice and a life lived in surrender.

To those who choose to carry the embers of love we say this: never fear that your lives are worthless.

Never think that your actions have no effect on those around you.

Do not worry that your life is futile in the eyes of others,

but trust in your innate goodness and your god-given talents and all that you need will be given to you.

Live a life in joy and in surrender and your life will mean something.

It may not be apparent to others but you will know.

And that is enough.

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