Health and Happiness. Channelled.

Two flowersthings matter, health and happiness…or at least that is what you believe. Health, you see, is a desirable state, but only to your conscious self. Ill-health is often the outpouring of inner-sensory data, filled with potential for change if you allow it to fulfil its path.

Happiness, on the other hand, is what you are told to expect once you have fulfilled society’s criteria for successful living.

“If you live right, you will be happy.”

“If you do as we say you will be happy.”

“If you hide your true desires you will be happy.”

But who defines happiness and how? Is it something that you experience forever, or is like a bird in the hand, liable to fly at any moment unless you hold onto it tightly enough? But if you hold onto it tightly you are liable to damage it, to change its form. So what do you do? You give yourself the illusion  of happiness. You set yourself up to think that happiness is your right  and that others have to provide it.

Now, it is no longer a reality, but an illusion, a mask which 115253b573c8fe266ecee84f991bf2cayou must wear if you wish to succeed. So again…what do you do, do you wear the mask and live the illusion of happiness, or do you take it off and risk the judgement of those too afraid to remove theirs?

This is the task for all of humanity: remove the mask and risk ‘no-happiness’, or keep the mask and keep the illusion? The choice is yours.

Be real and free, or false, scared and imprisoned. The choice is always yours. We leave you now to decide your own state of health and happiness.

Thrill seeker, the right is yours.

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