img_0062-3The Path of Limbo is a path dedicated to ‘waiting.’ It is not, as previously believed, a place in which to wait for those souls who are somehow lacking in Divinity, but it is a temporary path which we walk while waiting for a new direction to appear. It is like waiting for the lights to turn green! Many people on the spiritual path have to walk this path occasionally and as frustrating as it can feel, it is a necessary path, for it means that your true direction is only around the corner and only needs ‘cruising’ to get to it. It does not mean that you are stalled, but that you are ‘waiting’ for your direction to proceed. Once you have received your direction then the path of Limbo changes to the path of Direction and the energies increase as you move along it, speeding up the events which you have been waiting for.

At certain important junctures in your life you will find yourself on the path of Limbo but hopefully, you will recognise it as such and not fight in frustration and take an ‘earlier bus’ thereby missing your true Direction.

After you have started your path of Direction your Path of Manifestation runs alongside it, like the tracks of a train, so you see how important it is to wait, rather than trying to fight to get ahead before your paths are ready. Everything must be in place or the train will not move. There will be nothing for it to travel on and then you would be truly stalled.

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