The Lightbringers.

In the deapicsart_05-17-05-38-56dfgd of night when all is quiet and the world is bathed in moonlight there is a sound which can be heard, a sound which reverberates throughout the universe. It is the note of Love which sounds, but which few can hear.

This note is felt by all, at some deep level, but only those whose ears are attuned and trained to hear it can discern it, for it is a note of very fine quality and only those whose instrument is trained can bear its vibration.

To those who are trained to discern this sound it can bring a mixture of experiences, both joyful and painful, for the note of healing is contained within it, and this brings both solace and challenge to those who use it.

For those souls who understand the note of service which this note demands, it can be a hard taskmaster, and equally a fairy godmother, for it brings both abundance and joy to the pain and disturbance which it creates.

To those whose souls have been trained to carry this note of love we say these things: you, and only you, are responsible for how you choose to utilise this Love, this note of the universal stream of Love. Only you have the capabilities and capacity to carry this note into the world of men, so that they too can learn to discern this note from all the other discordant notes which surround them. It is such a refined sound that it takes many lifetimes, and much sacrifice on the part of those souls who carry it, to bring this note into service. For to carry it means the sacrifice of the Small Will in service to the Greater Will, to the Whole.

Charles Vess


But all is not so challenging to those souls in service to the Greater Good of humanity, for to serve in this way also means that you are the harbingers of many good things to the hearts of men, things which improve the lives of people everywhere. Many are unaware of this fact and will not recognise this service, but for you who carry it out, you can recognise it, for it brings much change to those places you inhabit. You can see how these changes are for the good, even if others see only the negative impact of such vibrations.

The souls in incarnation now face many challenges to accept this new vibration of Love onto the planet. It can bring change, both painful and dark, but the changes which are wrought are supremely necessary if humanity is to prosper in this New World to come.

How do you know which changes are positive and which are negative we hear you each ask, for to many they are indistinguishable. Change often brings pain but only when experiencing pain will many souls seek to strive for something better.  For all you souls in service, this can be a difficult time, for you can see what is happening and you know that it will ultimately change for the better but you see and experience the pain all around you and so are left feeling helpless and ‘grounded’. You want to fly but feel stuck in the mud of humanity’s thinking and living. You feel as though you must be doing something wrong, that you are on the wrong track, but this we tell you now: you are not on the wrong track. Your lives are pursuing the only paths open to you at this moment in time. For you are joined to humanity and cannot escape their pain, but you are also the lucky ones, for you know who you are and you know that this too will pass. Everything is transitory and humanity will seek, and find, its true path through all the difficulties it faces. But without your sacrifices, it could achieve little for your combined energies create the upliftment which all to humanity need to grow. You whose vibration is highest, and who often feel like the lowest, are the ones who will lift humanity into its next level of development. This we promise you.picsart_06-27-10-40-50as-2

Strive, always strive to be the best channels for this Love vibration that you can be, even if it costs you your personal dreams, for only the dreams of the Soul will come into manifestation and these dreams are there to inspire and lift those of you still straining to hear the Notes of Love and harmony in your lives.

Lift yourselves ever higher now and let the gifts of your souls shine through. It is now or never for humanity and the changes are upon you. Be the best you can be and do not fear when you find yourselves surrounded by darkness. For you bring the Light of Love into that darkness and without your light none can see the truth.

Shine now like you have never shone before and light the way for all the others who follow in your footsteps. We have told you this before and we will continue to tell you so that you are not weighed down by the darkness around you. Lift yourselves up and be the Light. Sound the Note of Love into your surroundings, using all of the tools we have given you over the years, and watch things grow in the dark. Watch humanity strive to reach the light of Love…and rejoice.

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