How I write.

I have just published my first book, after years of writing, editing, more editing and re-editing. My guides/teachers called it ‘a labour of love’, and it was. Through writing it, I have learned many things; how to write properly, how to edit and how to publish. I wanted the book to be the best it could be, especially as it is my first (I am currently writing several others). It has been the one I ‘cut my teeth’ on. And the one I learned to accept feedback from. Although the skin one needs to harden and the ego that needs maturing takes quite a while.

The books and stories I write come via my higher consciousness, and that brings its own problems.

I receive the ‘bones’ of the story from my guides, which I then have to flesh out. That takes time, sometimes years. Once I feel I can do no more, I send it for editing, proofreading and to get the covers designed. It is a team-effort, between my guides, my Soul and my ‘personality-self’, plus the people who do the designing, editing and proof-reading.

My books are mainly fictional, but a couple I am currently working on include some channelled non-fiction books such as the book of Orkney Wisdom – once I receive enough of it to complete, that is. My Orkney dictators are mercifully leaving it up to me as to when I ask for more chapters.

As my guides explained, the books are filled with Soul triggers and Light Codes, couched in terms that the personality ‘recognises’ on some deep level. These Soul Codes/Light keys are designed to awaken the reader’s own Soul-purpose within the realm of Inter-dimensional Mother Earth consciousness.

Before each person is born into a new life, she decides on her ‘plan’. This plan involves the people she will meet, the issues she needs to work on and what she wishes to learn and develop.

Part of that plan might include serving Mother Earth. Because there is such a need for humanity to reconnect to the Earth Consciousness, Gaia, many Souls have volunteered to work within the Elemental and Devic realms; healing, learning and growing within those energies. The purpose is to bring back the awareness of working with the earth, much as the ancestors did, mythically, shamanically, and holistically.


The books I write are designed to help you awaken to your purpose, therefore, the codes and keys embedded in them open up certain aspects of your Soul Plan. For instance, if your plan was to work with dragon energies, then the books will awaken your dragon consciousness, even if you don’t realise it is happening; or if your Soul-plan includes working with the Elementals, or nature spirits, that is what will awaken in you.

Each book, and its particular subject, will awaken the energies you have brought with you into this lifetime, so that eventually your life will follow the path you have arranged to follow prior to being born.

These keys and codes are ancient symbols of energies which our ancestors, and the civilisations who came before us, i.e. the Atlanteans, and Lemurians, the Lumanians, etc, have used for millions of years; energies which allow the Souls incarnate on this planet to continue learning. Remember, Earth is our School. We need to look after it.

The physical earth also has a soul, a consciousness which the Greeks named Gaia. In our current evolution, we are awakening to that consciousness so we can work with her. That also means re-learning how to work with the many dimensions of Gaia, i.e. the dragon realms, the Sidhe, the Elemental realm, the crystal realm, etc. The books are designed to help you move in that direction.

Back to the writing…

Having followed the guidance around completing the first book, then publishing it, my guides then suggested I do writing courses. They could see I was confused. I found it difficult to know what age-group the book was for and I felt not a little at sea trying to decide what genre it fit into. I was also not confident enough to market myself, because I didn’t know how to explain what the book was about. If I couldn’t understand, how could I expect my readers to?

I completed three courses in creative writing at the University of Oxford, and as a result, I decided to rewrite the first book. I also decided to leave the first other one as it is because it might help others who channel see how a book might be rewritten, how it can evolve and how writing can be improved through doing courses.

The new edition will still contain all its keys and codes. that won’t change, but the story will use a better structure and I might even find a genre it fits into. If not, I will have to create one!

The rewrite has turned into a trilogy and I have received the first chapter of the third one already, which gives me a direction to work towards. Having that direction is like a signpost which allows my creative mind to open up, allowing the story to emerge. A few years ago, my guides told me that the way I receive information was going to change. I didn’t realise they were talking about the information for the books. But having gone through the courses, and received the chapters in a new way, I do the writing rather than them giving me the chapters word for word. A far more interesting and exciting way to write. But they did suggest that I keep my ears open as they would be sending me bridging chapters to keep the story flowing in the right direction.

A helpful bunch, my writing guides.

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