How I began to Channel Fiction.

This post is an introduction to my writing process. After years of receiving channelled writing, I only now understand why I had to learn the way I did and the way I continue to learn. Writing fiction that has come from another source, a non-physical source, involves learning to trust what you cannot see. It differs from other more mental processes, but I believe there are many writers who have received inspiration from their own higher sources but they don’t necessarily recognise it as such. Not that it matters, of course. Their writing is what counts.

For those who recognise that their words and ideas come from a higher source, and they struggle to know what to do with them, (and why they get them in the first place), I hope my words can help. In sharing my process, my desire is that you gain the confidence to put your words out there. There is a reason you receive them and my aim is to help you find out what that reason might be.

My first piece of channelled fiction came two years after an epic initiation in Cairo, beside the Great Pyramid in the Giza Plateau. I had gone to attend a workshop there, June 2001, which involved a week’s worth of meditating and daily energetic initiations. It was intense. It was June. The air was so hot that simply breathing burned my throat. But I knew it was where I was meant to be. If you had told me that ten years later I would be living further down the Nile, where the temperatures reach over 50 degrees centigrade in summer and I would be incapable of doing anything but sweat, I would have thought you were crazy.

But that is where I eventually ended up. Before that, however, other things happened.

A year after that first visit to Egypt, my summer was so hard that the only way I could cope was to go out into the woods, a mile outside my city. I needed to be away from people and their emotions. I was a boiling pot that was coming close to boiling over. So, I went for long walks, sometimes not returning home until after dark. I explored pathways, listened to the owls hooting and discovered places I didn’t know existed.

I had been working for nearly seven years in archaeology. Seven years previously, I had trained as a psychodynamic counsellor. The years in archaeology, where I worked in post-excavation and had completed three years of a part-time degree, taught me how to read the landscape. I learned how to recognise the evidence of human habitation and how to read the layers of time in the ground.

For the seven years prior to that, I spent seven years training as a counsellor. I worked in a rape crisis centre and as a victim support volunteer. The training I received taught me about emotional layers, which proved to be vital when it came to studying the layers of human history. As a result of this training, I discovered my ability to read the layers of human emotion within the occupation layers in the landscape. (All people live and love and die, and those energies remain in the layers of earth where they live; they remain in the stones of the houses they build, or in objects they love).

During those fourteen years, I was also training in Reiki and other forms of healing, and in mediumship. I had begun that journey in the early nineties, a couple of years after I first moved to the UK from Ireland. It proved to be a challenge learning to balance energy-work with the dynamics of unconscious emotional motivations and repressed feelings. Add to that the mental reasoning and the theory necessary to understand why we feel that way. It was like learning to drive a manual car; I had to shift gears while also working the steering wheel and pedals. (I won’t even begin to tell you how terrifying that experience was!)

Back then, I didn’t understand why I was doing so many different things. At the time, I thought it was symptomatic of my personal failure to stick at anything, a dysfunction that needed uncovering and healing. But doing the energy work in the landscape, it slowly became clear why the training on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels was so important. I wasn’t dysfunctional. I wasn’t failing. I was healing aspects of myself. I was also honing abilities I did not know I had.

Those years gave me a solid foundation. In order to do the work I needed to do, I had to be grounded. I had to do research. I couldn’t fly off on flights of New Age fantasy. It was important that I understand the physical history and background of a place, not just its psychic history, which can be very ‘fantastical’. My training in energy-work, and my experiences in Soul Work, taught me how to see what many others could not. Namely, the echoes of past humanity, their beliefs and their way of life; a way of life that physical artefacts and excavations cannot see. Seeing things from a practical but energetic place was very important to me. I didn’t want any BS. I only ever wanted truth, and my intention to relay that which felt real was always uppermost in my mind.

After a year of working intensely with ancient burial sites, stone circles, and other, less well-known places, I received the first chapter of a book about two young men in ancient Britain. I had already been writing what I heard in my head for years, but channelled fiction was different from what I usually received. The former channelling concerned private guidance or information on sites I needed to visit. Sometimes I was given a history of humanity that explained what I had experienced at sites I’d already worked on. The channelled fiction took a different form.

As a channeller, you have to write down exactly what you hear, word for word. Nothing can be changed. Even though channelled writing comes through your mind, and uses your own language, it is noticeably different to your own thoughts. It is as if you are listening to mental dictation and, like a secretary taking shorthand, all that is required of you is to write it down. The information comes into your mind in the form of sentences. These sentences can be accompanied by information, energetic or symbolic, that holistically explains what you are receiving.

The characters are three-dimensional and you are aware of their character as if they are real people. All you are doing in writing them down is describing them. Their history is accessible; their emotions and their thoughts, are all present. You can see how they are dressed, what they are eating, and who they are talking to at any given moment. It is like watching a movie and you are explaining what you see.

When I receive channelling, I am usually doing something mundane, like washing the dishes, brushing my teeth, or cooking. I hear a sentence in my head and if I ignore it, it will keep repeating itself, like a looped tape, until I get pen and paper and transcribe. It is not like automatic writing, which I did try to learn but was hopeless at, and I am not taken over by some unseen entity, rather I hear the words floating in my mind.

Books Flying Through Nature

Once I write, as soon as I have finished the first sentence the next one comes in, then the next and the next until I have completed a few A4 pages. While I am writing, I am in the scene and can feel everything the character is feeling and experiencing. It is like a package of energy in the form of a cube and I am aware of all the faces of that cube at once. There is a definite beginning, middle and end and I can feel the difference between the three.

Sometimes, I am in no humour to sit down and write. I might be otherwise engaged. I can resist for a while but eventually, I have to sit and take the dictation. It can be frustrating, and downright irritating, like having a bossy manager, but I know it has to be done. What they want me to write is important, and although I know that, I don’t know why, or what its purpose is, yet.

That purpose came much, much later.

Next week I will continue to explain how I continued to develop. I hope that some of what I write will help you accept your own writing process, especially if it doesn’t fit with other people’s processes. It can be hard to explain where your ‘stuff’ comes from. This form of writing is also a healing process and I will go into that too in later posts.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my offering.

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