About Ann

Me at Malkata.

My name is Ann Murphy. I am a healer, writer, grandmother, mother, crafts-woman and founder of the Gaia Method Earthways. A system of planetary healing. 

I have been writing my entire life, but when I was going through a spiritual awakening, in the early ’90s, my desire was to be a channel for spiritual truths and information that would help humanity out of the mess it had, yet again, gotten itself into. I learned how to develop psychically, to connect with my Soul and over time I found I could indeed channel. However, one morning I woke up with a story in my head. It was as if I was telling it to myself. I got up, found paper and pen, and wrote it down. I had the entire story, but in short-form.

I received more stories, and then longer stories. Then the stories became chapters. I noticed the chapters followed each other in a sequence. Even if there had been several months between each one, they made absolute sense, chronologically. I ended up with many chapters, of different books. One book seemed to stand out, and that one I focused on, even though I was still receiving chapters from the other books. I kept them all. They are all future books. I see them all written and published, in a line into the future.

I follow my guidance with each one, tweaking and crafting to the best of my ability. I hope you enjoy my endeavours.

This short prose/poem came in while I was writing this. It describes me and how I see the world. 

“I am a soul-singer and crystal weaver, weaving my way through the worlds between Heart, Mind and Soul.

I look through the prism of consciousness and see vast worlds unending, unfolding and bending, like light through water.

I am a mermaid, swimming in the depths of human consciousness, ready to do battle on their behalf, so that they can grow into the humanity I know they can be.

My life is a joy, a struggle, a battle, and a rest, and these things make me who I am. So if you dislike my words, when they whinge or whine, you are welcome to seek a flowery bower of prettiness, with all of my good wishes.

We all seek that which we need. Who am I to judge?”

2 thoughts on “About Ann”

  1. Hej! I wonder if you still do pastlife ore soulreading? A friend of mine in Stockholm, Maria, told me yesterday about your work and I am intrested in getting your help.

    I hope you have a fine day!


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