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Why Male Characters?

For years now I have been struggling to understand why the principal characters in the books I write are predominantly male. Men going through initiatic experiences, men struggling to find their path, men fighting to liberate themselves, etc. I have been a feminist all my life. I’ve struggled with domestic violence and sexual abuse. I’ve…

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Dreaming Writing.

Over the weekend, I’ve been listening to writer’s podcasts. Sharon Blackie, one of my favourite authors was interviewing Manda Scott, author of the Boudicca series, which I absolutely loved. I read the books over ten years ago and could not put them down. She wrote history as though she had been present and it felt…

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Soul Writing.

Intuitive writing, or channelled writing, is writing that comes from your own Higher knowledge, or Soul. It can also come from a collaboration between your own Soul and your spirit guides. Often, when you initially write in words that ‘pop into your head’, you might think that it is your spirit guides or Masters giving you knowledge,…

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How I write.

I have just published my first book, after years of writing, editing, and re-editing. My guides/teachers call it ‘a labour of love’, and it has been. Through writing it, I have also learned many other things too; how to write properly, how to edit and how to publish. I wanted it to be the best…

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