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How Fiction can be a Sign Post.

One of my favourite childhood writers was Enid Blyton. As a ‘sixties’ child, growing up in a small town in Southern Ireland, reading her books kept me sane. They were the only books that felt real to me and which allowed me to block out the emotional undercurrents of my everyday life. When I moved…

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Overcoming Fears.

I have notebooks filled with stories, chapters of different books, and prose poetry. Nearly twenty years’ worth, in fact. When I received my first fiction chapters concerning the spiritual development of two young men at the beginning of the British Bronze age, I was happily transcribing them when we moved back to Ireland to do…

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How I began to Channel Fiction.

This post is an introduction to my writing process. After years of receiving channelled writing, I only now understand why I had to learn the way I did and the way I continue to learn. Writing fiction that has come from another source, a non-physical source, involves learning to trust what you cannot see. It…

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Back on Track

After weeks of stalled progress, my brain can think again, and I have lots of time to write. I don’t know about you, but when I go through a significant healing period, I usually come out the other side with a fresher mind and with many new ideas. It’s as if a complete layer of…

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