My first book: Homecoming. A Wizard’s Story has been recently published. It is the story of a wizard and his adopted dragon, Scarlet, and their journey into the expanded realms of consciousness of the Great Mother. Along with the help of a Sidhe guide and a host of other mythical creatures, they learn how to live within the love of the Mother.

I am currently writing the sequel: The Ruby Heart. It is a story of enslavement, through a dragon’s experience. It highlights the issues of captivity, addictive relationships and its effects on other creatures and people. Through it, we learn that our parents are not perfect and often, when we understand their story, and their purpose in our lives, we can find it easier to forgive. It is also the story of growth, of overcoming what seem to be insurmountable obstacles, and freeing oneself. Even when there appears to be no hope, help arrives from somewhere.

I am also working on a book which is set in the Iron age which I hope to publish after The Ruby Heart. It is called The Journey Home. It is about two men who, through different processes, learn what it means to serve the Great Mother.

One, Darius, is a native Bronze Age Briton. He was dedicated, from birth, to serve the Great Mother, but he finds his destiny changing unexpectedly, propelling him along a path he had not considered, or wanted. But one which, if he wishes to continue his service, must continue to travel.

The other, Rihann, is a reluctant Celtic ‘incomer’ who, with the help of the Daughter of Neptune, whilst struggling through his own resistance, discovers that there are many more dimensions of life than the flesh and blood one he had been living. Seeing through the eyes of his Sea-Princess guide, he experiences initiations that challenge who he thinks he is.

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