Homecoming. A Wizard’s Story.

After many years, all of which were a learning curve, I have finally finished my first book. It is a story about a wizard who feels dissatisfied with life and wants something more. The something more appears in the guise of a young fire dragon, abandoned on his front doorstep, with a note around her neck. So begins the multi-dimensional adventures of Bill and Scarlet.

The book contains codes and keys of an energetic nature. They are embedded into the story. These codes are there to trigger your pre-birth life-plan into remembering why you are here and what you are here to do. As you read the story, your Soul remembers, and sets you on the road to fulfilling your life-purpose.

This book is Bill’s story, but it is also our journey. It shows, when we follow our guidance, and intuition, how miraculous changes can occur. But it doesn’t seek to hide the challenges that we can face on our journey of healing. The Soul journey is rarely all Love and Light, no matter how much we would wish it to be. Light and Dark are the duality we experience on this planet. Learning to balance both those polarities, within ourselves, is what our Soul is here to learn and the only way we can find true peace.

Where the Story came From

Writing it has been a labour of love, and very much part of my work as the founder of the Gaia Method Earthways.

The story comes from my Soul as words in my head, and images, as though I am watching a movie. I ‘receive’ the story chapter by chapter and cannot stop until I have taken it all down. Then begins the hard work of making it readable. Much like Lilu in the Fifth Element, I have a portion of the information which I then have to flesh out until it is complete. Then it can take its place in the world. It has taken me this long to write because I was also learning the entire publishing process, plus, I was paying for all the elements myself: editing, proofreading, formatting and cover design (I did get help from a number supporters on Ko-fi which helped me get the cover done, however. Much gratitude to them). Publishing your own book is an expensive business!

So here is the first book – I have many others started – I hope you enjoy it. Please remember to leave me feedback on Amazon. It helps me a lot, and, if you would like a signed copy, please email me and I will send you one. Same price, but with postage included. (UK only)

It is available to buy on Amazon, in both paperback, on Kindle and on my Gaia Method Earthways website.

Bill is not happy. He is an overlooked, overworked, underpaid wizard and if things don’t change soon, he might just have to do something drastic. Pushed to his limit, he decides, that in order to have the freedom he craves, changes will have to be made — and fast.  

Unfortunately, things do not always go to plan and Bill finds himself the unwitting protector of an abandoned baby dragon named Scarlet. As he learns to care for her, the changes he wanted happen without him even realising, and he discovers, the hard way, that change isn’t always as easy, or as desired, as he’d imagined.

Journey with Bill and Scarlet as they are initiated into the world of the Shepherdesses: the protectors of Divine Balance on Earth. Follow them through a labyrinth of lessons and life challenges as they learn to live in the care of the Great Mother, the Soul of Planet Earth.

Let them, in their turn, guide you on your journey into the Mother’s world, to meet the many Beings who reside within the protection of her Ruby heart.

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