Soul Writing

Intuitive writing, or channelled writing, is writing that comes from your own Higher knowledge, or Soul. It can also come from a collaboration between your own Soul and spirit guides. When you initially begin to write words that just seem to ‘pop into your head’, you might think that it is your spirit guides or Masters giving you knowledge, guidance, poetry or stories, but often is it the voice of your own Soul/Higher Self feeding your personality the words which you then feel compelled to write.

Although writing channelled fiction doesn’t sound as romantic as receiving words and thoughts of wisdom from evolved Guides and Masters, in reality it is just as important. You have potentially had many past lives and may have been a writer in some of them. The skills you honed in those lives remain in your Soul memories and it may be your purpose in this life to share that Soul knowledge with the world.

There are many channelled writings out there, and people who channel inspiration from Guides and Masters. You may well be one of those writers, but channelled fiction is another subject altogether. Often it is not even recognised as such, but you can tell which writers have received their inspiration from ‘Upstairs’, as I like to call it. They touch people on very deep levels, and remain in popular conciousness for years. They are supposed to.

Think of JRR Tolkien, Enid Blyton, JK Rowling, Terry Pratchett, and others. Each of them had their own way of writing but often the ideas for their stories just ‘popped into their heads.’ In Tolkien’s case, The Hobbit appeared in his head initially as a sentence. He wrote that sentence down, and it then became a book which led to another book. Eventually it became an entire world, peopled by beings from other dimensions of reality! But those realities were part of older belief systems and therefore, triggered our collective memories. In modern times, there is a yearning for deeper, more meaningful experience and these books fill that need, purposefully.

I believe these books are written from the writer’s Soul, or Higher Consciousness, and their function is to open people’s minds to the reality of great inner worlds; inner Universes of Being, of myth and of archetypes. These writings remain popular because they spark creativity in others. They show us worlds we could not have imagined, worlds that possibly exist, somewhere. More importantly, they teach us that we can overcome darkness, both from within and without. This speaks to our Soul challenges. The ones we chose before our birth. It tells us we can overcome these challenges. That we have more power than we think. For this reason, channelled fiction serves an important role in how we live our lives and how we choose to see personal challenges.

Tolkien’s Art.

Consciously channelling fiction is a different skill to other forms of channelled writing. It can take many years to develop. Not only do you have to learn how to channel, you also have to learn how to write! Even if you have been a been a writer many times before, you might find that this lifetime you need to develop another style, or type of writing.

Since beginning my spiritual development, all I wanted was to be a channel. I did not know, however, that this would come in the form of fiction. I wanted to channel like Jane Roberts, and Sanaya Roman, bringing in information that could potentially help many people. But my writing came in as fiction, so I went with that. I did not know any other fiction-channellers, so I was on my own. I had to learn to trust the stories that appeared in my head. I had already learned how to channel guidance, so this was another step forward. I did not expect, at that time, that I was to publish this work.

I have always had a dread of being public, preferring to be a hermit. Writing fiction would mean that I had more responsibility, and that thought terrified me. But, I knew I had to publish these stories. I understood they were designed to help people in another way, so I worked hard to learn how to become a better writer. I am still learning, and improving.

Writing fiction like this is a process. It is not something I simply sit down and start doing. I might be in the middle of washing up, hoovering, or in the shower and the first words of a chapter or prose-poem will come into my head. If I do not stop, trying instead to finish the task I am absorbed in, the sentence will repeat itself until I stop and pick up pen and paper. (I always have them handy as I never know when writing will come.) Once I have written those first words, the rest start to come. I just have to listen, watch and feel. It is like watching a film. I see the characters, hear their conversations and feel their emotions. I write the words as I hear them, but I can feel, and see, what is beneath them. I try to keep my rational mind out of the process as it interferes and questions. This is not the time for rationalising, but trusting. Later, when I am expanding the basic story, my mind can step in and rewrite without removing the all important energy of the text.

The bones of the story are there, like a foundation and then it is up to me to make it readable and much longer.

The challenge is to recognise which story chapter I am actually receiving as it is not always immediately apparent. I have to trust and wait, again not allowing my questioning mind to guess. If I wait for the first few paragraphs, I will know which book it is for. Sometimes, though, it is for a new book, so that makes it challenging, as I do not know where it belongs and so it feels like I am floating until I understand that it is for another one.

There is a lot of trust involved in this kind of writing. Sometimes, when I am receiving words, they feel familiar, as if I already know what I am writing. This happens when I am doing Soul/Pastlife readings too. It feels familiar because it is information gleaned from my own learning, my knowledge, but from a Soul Level and a subconscious level. Nothing we do, nothing we have experienced, heard, read, etc. is lost. It is all on our computer-mind, including our lifetimes worth of experience and our Soul knowledge of other worlds and dimensions.

Most channellers spend years developing their skills. People do not do this kind work until they have been developing their connection to the Soul Plane, Spirit guides or their domestic/healing abilities for many years. It takes sensitivity, clairaudient and clairsentient development before you can hear and feel what your Soul is telling you. I have been developing as a healer since 1993. Although I was born a sensitive, I still had to learn how to hear and see and feel on a psychic level before I was ready to write. I didn’t realise, growing up, that my experiences were not shared by everyone. I just assumed that everyone experienced the world as I did.

Everyone with a great desire to serve humanity, and with a desire to receive wisdom, in whatever form, can develop that ability. Looking back on my life, I can see that it was in my Soul-plan to write, so my personality’s desire to channel was a prompt from my Soul to take that direction.

So, if you want to learn to channel, your Soul will guide you to the people or books that will help you develop that ability. Just trust your impulses and follow your heart.

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